Gloria Surage

"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works".Psalm 26:7 King James Version (KJV)

" Gloria Surage believes in herself and her community. Gloria Surage is one of the handfuls of women producers doing live theater in Canada. With determination, drive and vibrancy,. She first formed her own production company Two Friends Productions in 1998,(Gloria Surage Productions) Gloria commissioned playwright Devon Haughton. Three months later he came with the the script of "Dear Pastor ". Under her direction, the project was a hit. She had begun to carve out her role as a successful producer and actor. "Dear Pastor," which she produced, traveled across Canada several times playing to packed houses creating a following for Gloria's unique taste in theater. Her productions and stage credits include: (but not limited to ) "Cut T'roat", "Caribbeana Jab Jab", "This One is For You ", "Up on Eglinton", "You Can't Take It with You", "Dear Pastor", "Old Friends", Yonge Street which was well received at the 2006 Toronto Fringe Festival and her most cherished - The empowering powerhouse "Queen for A Day", written by Yvette Martin and produce by Gloria Surage. Gloria's recent play “Gracious Creator of Creation” is an original stage play written by inspiration through pain, suffering and discomfort as a healing tool for Her, (I prayed in tears as the pain and stress of overwhelming debts and creditor and collection agencies continues, I would focus on the things I enjoy seeing myself doing the most: dancing, Empowering, Inspiring and impacting others with my time and talent, gives me the strength to overcome some of my infirmities. Mine you this is “NOT” a religious play it is a play for the entire family Christian and nun Christian) said Mrs. Surage. This piece comprises of (4) main characters – Gloria Surage as Pauline Johnson, mother, who struggles with her own emotion of wanting to dance and the thought of not getting the opportunity to and also the thought of not seeing her son again. They had a quarrel and the last words he said to her was “I am never coming back” while helping, advising, and caring for others. See Gracious Creator page for more.


THE TIME BETWEEN on the movie page is her latest work.

Gloria never thought about the stage during her formative years... never has imagined the stage would be her calling. Gloria Surage was born in a small village in the lush countryside of St. Ann Jamaica. Gloria is the eldest of ten children born to Sydney ans Etta Harris. She remembers a home bustling with activity and she was often the organizer and director and head of her family. As a child she dreamed of becoming a nurse. She decided to pursue teaching instead after failing the exam to become a nurse. After successfully graduating from Cane Wood teachers college in Kingston Jamaica, she began to teach at the elementary school she attended as a child. She wanted to give back to her community as a teacher to help fostered students. She came to the northland, Canada. She remember saying to herself "one place could not be so cold," recounts Gloria, of her first winter in Montreal Canada. As she drives to succeed, she went west to Calgary to join her husband. Gloria Surage and her husband moved to Toronto in 1995, where the acting bug bit her. In Toronto she enrolled at the Toronto Performing Arts Centre. This set the stage for her in many roles and appearances in movies and commercials. She developed a positive attitude and determination to succeed. Gloria is modest and attributes her successes in the early days to her mentor, the late Mr. Peter Lavender. "He was a casting director, who would select her for various auditions in the city", often times she would go in costume as the character she would be auditioning for and most times land the role," Gloria garner many film credits. She has appeared in several movies with major motion picture stars including James Garner in "Dead Silence", David Cardin in "Kung Fu- The legend Continues", Lou Gossett Jr. in the "Highwayman", and Martin Sheen and Helen Shaver in the "Believers". Surage was also a stand in for renowned singer and actress Dian Carroll in "Goat Christmas", a made-for American pay - TV movie. Gloria Surage is also the CEO of People's Performing Art Centre and the Inspiration and creator of Voices of Thanksgiving.

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Below in frames Gloria plays Ruff Neck Granny.

Gloria Surage is unable at the moment to produce more plays. Due to financial difficulties You can email Gloria Surage at