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is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of Gloria Surage Productions.

Mission Statement


Peoples Performing Art Centre is committed to creating and producing high caliber stage and videos productions utilizing local community talents. Our focus is to harness the community potential by 1:-mentoring; 2:-effecting theatrical skills-training programming and 3:-showcasing such talents via appropriate exposures - whether variety showcases or otherwise scripted performances (plays, musicals videos etc) on stage or screen. We are committed to the notion that Theatre is a veritable tool for community development at the individual or family level when delivered as clean and wholesome works; we strive to utilize theatre to Entertain, Educate and Empower our community. We espouse the belief that stage and theatre experience can inspire community advancement so we act to facilitate access by all.
Our credo in one of inclusion as we embrace and nurture everyone at all levels of the Afro-Canadian community (especially those with challenges)particularly and young adults.


Our mandate is embodied in the acronym (CUTTE)- Community Upliftment Through Theatre Engagement.

>We are a synergy driven body that fosters partnerships with individuals and businesses, as we realize we can't achieve our ultimate goal without your support.
About People's Performing Art Centre founder and Chief Executive Director Gloria Surage, please see the About Gloria page. We are all in this together as A COMMUNITY OF ANGELS, A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE, A COMMUNITY OF TALENTED PEOPLE YOUNG AND OLD, A COMMUNITY OF HOST SHARING AND SHARING ALIKE, only the strength from our combined efforts is what will afford the success our youths and young adults deserve. In support of our movement we exhort both individual and/or companies to contribute to the PPAC youth mission,Which includes: yoga, and Basketball Fundamental training by sponsoring or making much needed donations towards our projects. All donations will be accorded a tax-receipt. "With eyes on the future we look to your support for the safe and successful transitioning of our dearest treasures and resource - our youths and young adults.

Help us make the way for our upcoming show

The play “Gracious Creator of Creation” which is an original stage play written by Gloria Surage of Toronto Canada. (‘This piece was inspired through pain, suffering and discomfort as a healing tool for her, as she prayed in tears as the pain and stress of overwhelming debts and creditor and collection agencies continues, she would focus on the things enjoyed doing the most: dancing, Empowering, Inspiring and impacting others with her time and talent, gives me the strength to move forward Exhilaration, arousing of jointiness in the swing and sway of community upliftment – fondest memories with an uncanny Vote of Thanks, for the opportunity at participation.
If you were inspired by this play GRACIOUS CREATOR of CREATION and would like to donate towards the cost of the production, please feel free to do so. A donation pan will be at the exit on your way out. Thanks, on the behalf of the cast and production crew we wishes you all a very happy thanksgiving in JESUS Name.

Submitted in the sincerity: with great gratitude, anticipation for your encouragement and such hope in your support. Gloria Surage / People’s Performing Art Centre. The Planning Committee Love Gloria Surage


To contact us call: (416)743 1170 or email:

Thanks you for supporting our hopes and dreams. May you be blessed accordingly! To donate please click .