A Mother's Prayer

Written and directed by Gloriia Surage

A Thanks Giving stage play

Sunday October 7th and 8th. 2018 At the Jamaican Canadian Centre 995 Arrow Rd

Starring:GlORIA SURAGE, COLIN LEVY, Brenda Grant,see more below: The play “Gracious Creator of Creation” was written by Gloria Surage in 2017. This piece was inspired through pain,suffering and discomfort and as a healing tool, she would focus on the things she enjoyed seeing herself doing the most: dancing, Empowering, Inspiring and impacting others, gives her the strength and the corsage to move forward. One morning, while laying in bed, as the the pain and stress of overwhelming debts and collection calls continues, She prayed. Then she herd a voice that said unto her (What do you have?) she answered a computer and a mouse. “Gracious Creator of Creation” is now a registered Company as “Gracious Creator of Creation” Productions and the play is now called “A Mother’s Prayer” The main characters – Gloria Surage as Pauline Johnson, mother, struggles with her own emotion of dancing and the thought of not seeing her son again. They had a quarrel and the last words he said to her was “I am never coming back . Colin Levy as Robert Johnson, A construction worker, (married to Pauline, Dianne James as Mary, a busy-body friend who will do anything except going on welfare and Brenda Grant as Miss Joyce A Mothers Prayer I give the credit to my Creator through JESUS Christ my Lord and Saviour And to the Holy Spirit My Teacher and confidant in JESUS name. AMEN! Character names: Pauline plays by: Gloria Surage Robert plays by: Colin Levy Mary plays by: Dianne James Miss Joyce /Granny plays by: Brenda Grant Rose plays by: Chelsea Jack James plays by Jimmi Freshh Mr Johnson plays by Suga Writer: Gloria Surage Director: Gloria Surage Stage Manager Gladstone Davis Technical Director Yvette Martin Sound by Volume one

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