Seven(7) years ago - in an ‘aha’ moment Voices of Thanksgiving came as a seed inspiration to Gloria Surage, (CEO, Gloria Surage Productions). Respected and endeared as Veteran -Producer/-Actor Gloria continues her mission to channel the essence in ‘inclusive communitarianism’ i.e. harnessing that spirit of community that lives in us all and which brings us together as a unit of peoples regardless of natural, individual differences. The ‘togetherness’ theme-“One Sparkles, All Shine!”

“VOICES OF THANGSGIVING” is another step in a tradition grown from the spirited generosity harvested from a team of homegrown stars who support community progress through togetherness and its natural synergy. The select artistes are selected to rouse the spirit with bountiful helpings of human electricity, the sway of love, the heat of hope and the liberating joy and peace of brotherhood. Hand-picked from Toronto’s lush crop these command performers are reputed by their reliable marks of distinctions; these crowd pleasers are guarantee something for everyone through lustrous performances.